There’s a reason
for everything we do.

Devoutly printed on our Member lanyards and framed on our walls, we believe in our Core Values and the opportunity for success that they bring for our all Work Lodge Members. We acknowledge these as defining principles, to be Authentic, Generous, Humble, Passionate and Bonkers. Our team and members alike–we are unified by these 5 Core Values.

As you shop around, get quotes and take tours while searching for that space that’s right for your business, ask yourself these five frequently asked questions and notice how our Core Values not only define, but defend, your ideal work environment.


We’re genuine, honest and trustworthy. We do the right thing even when no one is watching, understanding that perfection isn’t the goal, excellence is.

Practically speaking, this means that we stick by our word and believe that honest promotion, pricing and contracts are our obligation. What you see is what you pay. Don’t be fooled by the gimmicks and games that the ‘other guys’ play, offering unrealistic pricing with poor locations, little to no amenities and creative, hidden ‘extras’ and fees. At The Work Lodge, we don’t do ‘optional add-ons’ that aren’t really optional! Each and every Member package is put together in one, all-inclusive flat rate, with flexible terms and total transparency in what you’re getting.

When choosing the right work space you really need somewhere that removes the friction for you instead of increasing it. Integrity isn’t just a fancy word here, we live it. Daily. No nickel and-dime guaranteed–and a team of people working invisibly in the background to help you grow and scale your business, with professional services available to really help you move to the next level.


We think beyond ourselves, giving time to mentor, coach and encourage those around us, while also touching our communities and beyond.

The Work Lodge is a two-handed company–one for helping our Members grow and the other reaching out to those in need. Intricately woven into The Work Lodge purpose is The Gabriel Foundation. This non-profit organization is the philanthropic outpour that gives The Work Lodge and our members the ability to be a part of something bigger than us. Together, we give generously overseas and in our backyard, tending to those less fortunate.

Donating almost $1 million each year in fresh food and produce within our local communities to building children’s homes for orphaned children in India, we find ways to offer assistance where needed in a purposeful and impactful way. Whether it be within the walls of our locations, in our neighborhoods or across the globe, we generously give of our time, money, resources and more to pay it forward and share the success.


We celebrate our Members and Coworkers, putting their needs ahead of ours recognizing that this will build an incredible Community.

Service is a concept that is overstated and underperformed. At The Work Lodge, we practice servant leadership with all of our Members and their Guests. Your needs are our first priority and building strong Communities is a close second.

The Work Lodge Team understands what true service looks like from every guest greeted to each pot of coffee brewed. We operate on love–love for people, love for growing business and love for connecting opportunities that improve the quality of life for our Members, their clients and the Community at large.

Being humble means that even when The Work Lodge succeeds, we prioritize you first. While we might be celebrating ourselves from a new location opening or a new business opportunity, we don’t lose sight of your successes and roadblocks. We thrive when you succeed, and it’s noticed in our unyielding desire to serve our Members well.


We’re passionate about entrepreneurship, business and our brand. What it stands for and what it’s accomplishing.

A brand isn’t just a logo, some messaging and a website. It’s the heart of your offering, the conscience of your company and the spirit behind your business delivery. On that note, The Work Lodge is passionate, not only in how we do business, but in what we offer. Most work space solutions you’ll find were configured from existing office buildings. Their construction is older, void of customization and unintentionally crafted with you in mind. This is our core business, it’s what we love and we don’t take it lightly.

Your Work Lodge Team is dedicated to building locations in thriving communities where purpose matters and thoughtfulness is appreciated. We reduce noise and sound transfer by constructing differently, with intentional spatial planning of the Coworking spaces. We unite every location with a common visual theme and aesthetic to help promote a style and culture that our Members can feel comfortable and empowered to work within. From selecting which side of the highway to build on to our custom office furniture for the most ergonomic fit, we make decisions more deliberately than most people realize. Always tactfully, Member-driven and purposefully, we design spaces that improve your quality of work life.


A little nutty, a little kooky, we’re not limited by what others think. We fight above our weight and think the impossible might just be possible.

Better business happens when entrepreneurs and teams are equipped with creativity and knowledge. There are always distractions in business that pull us away from achieving professional success–doubt, failure, roadblocks, competition, expenses and a general lack of hope. We know it’s not easy, we know that sometimes it can seem downright impossible. We know because we’re a startup too! Which is why we look for ways to maximize opportunity and encourage you in your business success through a working environment that excites.

One guiding principle shared between The Work Lodge and all our Members is the concept that we “work to live” and not the other way around. If you’re not in business to serve others, provide for your family or live a better lifestyle, what’s the point? We foster a spirit of limitless creativity and wild thinking at all locations because we all operate better when the sky’s the limit and roadblocks are just temporary hiccups to overcome, move past and reach the goal at hand. From routine socials, business workshops, training courses and more, we provide our Members with the right amount of events to keep them inspired, learning and challenged. In addition, The Work Lodge finds key opportunities to host events open to everyone. Networking, collaboration and wacky ideas start here.


Private Offices
& Suites

Starting at $599

Get up and running
in a space, all your own.

Work at your full capacity with 24/7 access to your private office space–fully furnished, stacked with amenities and right in the center of a growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs.



Starting at $299

Bring your laptop,
plug in and go.

Surpass your next growth goal with shared space that allows you to remain flexible, network with established businesses and brands with the option to grow into a private office solution.


Virtual Office

Starting at $79

Pay for what you need
and nothing more.

Choose from 3 tiered packages each giving you credibility to break into new markets. Take advantage of a full suite of business communication services that make sense for you.