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Work Lodge Labs

Business Support & Startup Incubation

Why Labs

Business Development, Support, and Coaching

Those who are just starting out need a lot of encouragement, guidance, and wisdom to help them get out of the gate. We offer coaching, community, and support for entrepreneurs who are ready to take it to the next level.

Startup Micro-Incubation

Not quite a traditional incubator, but a little more than just a place to get your new venture going, our Micro-Incubation offers Workspace, Business Development and Planning assistance, Professional Services support and the opportunity to present to our panel of Angel Investors.


We’re always on the lookout for people who have great ideas that could be viable and profitable businesses. We’re looking for entrepreneurs with real chops, looking to not only start a business but grow a business.

How do you know you’ve got what it takes?

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We aren’t a typical incubator. We’ll put you into our amazing environment at no charge, where you can focus solely on your business. We’ll support you with mentoring and coaching, helping you along the way wherever we can. If you make it through you’ll be a business that makes money, not just a team trying to make it to their next round of funding.

A Little or A Lot

We’ve got you covered


A great place to work from surrounded by amazing people as a discounted rate whatever your budget may be.


In addition to working from our incredible space, we also provide coaching & mentoring, business development planning support, introductions to key industry contacts and more.


We’ll also provide full back office and administrative support so you can focus on growing your business. We also provide access to our Accredited Angel Investor network for low-level funding.

Work Space
Work Space
Giving Back
Giving Back