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How to be a GREAT Lodger!

Now that you’ve moved in you might be wondering how to make the most of our unique coworking space? Here’s a few tips to help you settle in. 1. Be friendly. Build your social currency There’s incredible knowledge, skill, opportunities and more at the Lodge. Invest time daily getting to know your fellow Lodgers. Throw [...]

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And The Winner Is…

For those members that have been with us for a while, you know one of the BIG things our Lodgers look forward to is our 'End of Year Awards'. We take a few minutes to recognize some of our particularly amazing members and tell you why they're even more awesome than you may have [...]

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Traditional vs. Managed Workspace

A few weeks ago we put together a little cost comparison table for our potential members, to help them understand some of the hidden costs normally associated with leasing office space.  We've had quite a bit of feedback since then and so we wanted to break things down in a little more detail to help [...]

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Who wants to spend more time driving to work?

It seems as though every few months another article is published outlining the negative impact of additional commuting time on a person's personal life. Did you know for example that between 2011-2014 the average commute from Katy to Downtown increased by 11 minutes in the morning and 19 minutes in the afternoon.  That means within [...]

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We love startups & we’ll be your biggest fans!

So in case you missed it, we're a startup, built from the ground up to provide support and help to other startups (along with other small businesses) and so we unbelievably excited to announce a couple of extra special offers that launch TODAY because we want to be your biggest fans! 1. If you're graduating from [...]

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The Power of Independence

One of the things people often ask me is 'What made you want to do this?'. It's a question most entrepreneurs and new business founders are familiar with, but the answer reveals much more than you might realize. The 'standard' response is often a skin deep, politically correct sentence that essentially tows the accepted thinking [...]

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4 Reasons Co-Working is even Awesomer than you think!

I was doing some reading over the weekend and stopped by the Global Co-Working Unconference folks who recently published some amazing statistics about the 'new' way of working for the next generation of entrepreneurs and generally awesome people. Although the infographic they produced is below, some of the statistics are worth highlights just because they [...]

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