We’re just too darn good for our own good sometimes! #bizgrowth

Although we like to highlight the experience some of our newer Members have as they move into the Lodge and realize the value and benefits that come from working in such a dynamic, vibrant Business Community, we also realize that sometimes we’re just too darn good for our own good!

I received an email from one of our incredible Lodgers who’ve seen their Startup explode over the last year. But… That growth took them into a new area geographically where The Work Lodge doesn’t have a location… yet ?.

We’ll miss you and the team Chris!


I just wanted to send a special note the Work Lodge team to show our appreciation.

Bellatorum Field Services moved into the Lodge in January of this year. Since moving in, we have experienced rapid growth, largely in part due to the connections we’ve made at the Lodge. You guys have an extraordinary atmosphere that invigorates the entrepreneurial spirit.

All the team members have been super helpful and the facility was a perfect place for us to start out. Another point I wanted to make is how useful it is to have a community of diverse businesses literally at your finger tips. Bellatorum has done business with several other firms in the Lodge.

We’ve retained an accountant and an attorney in the Lodge, as well as consulted with several other companies located here. We are sad to go, but so happy to grow… and we thank you and the Vintage Park Work Lodge team for all of your help and support along the way.

We honestly could not have accomplished this without you and infectious atmosphere the Lodge provides. It’s a motivating place to be. We wish you all the best in the future.

Founder & President
Bellatorum Field Services