Interview With Dennis Smolek, Co-Founder At Roam

Roam Is Modernizing And Simplifying The World Of Interactive And Digital Signage Their biggest product is a web-based software platform to control screens. If you can do PowerPoint and Facebook you can manage even the most complex project. Then they tested everything on the market finally partnering with hardware vendors they trust like LG and [...]

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11 Helpful Tips For A Beautiful & Organized Executive Office Space

A Beautiful & Organized Executive Office Space If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your small business, then you may be considering an executive space that specializes in coworking. When starting out, you may want to share a space with other like-minded entrepreneurs. No matter the size or location of the office space, you [...]

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The 9 Most Amazing Coffee Shops Of Houston

The 9 Most Amazing Coffee Shops Of Houston Among the largest cities in the United States, Houston usually evokes images of oil derricks and football, cotton and aerospace. Those industries and cultures that have made the city the modern metropolis it is today can sometimes obscure the other realities of contemporary Houston. For example, there [...]

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The Top 26 Amazing Startups That Are Coworking in Texas

Creating A Successful Startup By Coworking In Texas Coworking is a revolutionary concept where a group of people work in the same office space and use the same office resources even though they may be employed by different organizations. The first official coworking space was opened in 2005 by programmer Brad Neuberg in reaction to what [...]

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Is A Coworking Desk A Simple Way To Improve Your Business?

The Benefits Of Joining A Coworking Space Business owners, freelancers, startup teams and remote workers of all types are opting to share workspace with like-minded professionals more than ever before, and the trend is growing every month. While a home office is great when starting out it becomes inconvenient as time goes on. A coworking [...]

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The Benefits of Working in The Woodlands, North Houston

Benefits of Working in The Woodlands, Texas. The Woodlands is one of the nicest suburbs in the Greater Houston area. It began as a planned development to bring businesses closer to residents so they could avoid the commute to downtown Houston. This original plan of living, working and playing all within a defined area makes the [...]

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How to be a GREAT Lodger!

Now that you’ve moved in you might be wondering how to make the most of our unique coworking space? Here’s a few tips to help you settle in. 1. Be friendly. Build your social currency There’s incredible knowledge, skill, opportunities and more at the Lodge. Invest time daily getting to know your fellow Lodgers. Throw [...]

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Why Templo Is The Best Coworking Space In Rio

Templo Coworking Templo is a coworking space in Rio de Janeiro that is home to over 200 coworkers of 60 businesses sharing workspace, services, and other workplace benefits. Templo is a network of innovative and creative entrepreneurs. The idea behind the coworking space was to organize a network where people, tools, and ideas can meet [...]

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